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  • Birds in North Wales (Vice-counties Denbighshire and Flintshire)

    Finding (see 'Our records') and recording (see 'Submit records?') the birds you see in North-East Wales

    by the Clwyd Bird Recording Group


    The CBRG is keen to have some new members as there are many jobs to do in producing the bird report: managing data, preparing data for species account authors, writing species accounts, seeking photographs, and then help with selling the reports. If you are interested please contact the Chair.

    Please have a look at the page, Our records, which shows the records that are stored with Cofnod.

    Bird Report for 2016. It is now with the printer and will soon be available for sale at £5, plus£1.70 p&p for those who are not able to buy it directly. The reports are now being printed so should be available from early December.

    Cover of 2016 bird report


    Here are some sample pages: Sample pages 2016 report

    See the Downloads page for a copy of the 2015 Gronant Little Tern Report.

    Please consider buying a copy of this book:

    Do have a look at the revised BOU checklist with its considerably changed order of species. See the Downloads page.

    All the BirdTrack records are sent to Cofnod each year.

    The next Welsh Ornithological Society conference will take place on Saturday, 3 November 2018 at Bangor.

    The Atlas is available in shops at 45 or try Amazon. Currently available for £25 including p&p. Download the order form Atlas order


    Last updated: 10 January 2018