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    Here are the files that you will need in order to submit electronic records to the Recorder if you are not using BirdTrack.

    The gazetteer now holds the names of all 1 km squares in the North-East Wales recording area. It is now much easier to use the new version of the record submission spreadsheet (v15) as no place names need to be typed. However, do try the two links on the Submit records page to help you determine where you were.

    With the large size of the Excel record submission file, do consider using Open Office (see link below) - the file size is much smaller!

    Format Excel / Word Open Office
    Amended record submission spreadsheet (v19) - with more additions and corrections to the gazetteer. Save the Open Office version before trying to use it and when you open it, enable macros. See map below

    Record spreadsheet (1.55 Mb)

    Record spreadsheet (529 kb)
    Table with BTO two-letter codes for use with record submission spreadsheet (v11)

    BTO codes (48 kb)

    BTO codes (21 kb)
    Gazetteer (the current version holds 2751 entries - updated with corrections 10.10.2017) Gazetteer (543 kb) Gazetteer (70 kb)
    Species list (2018 checklist, with much revised order) BOU checklist (136 kb) BOU checklist (78 kb)

    Other downloads:

    Gronant Little Tern Report 2015

    LT report 2015 (1.15 Mb)

    NRW sensitive species list (2016)
    S42 list
    S42 list (68 kb)




    Map of all named 1 km squares














    Open Office is a freely available suite of programs that have similar functions to Microsoft Office. They can be downloaded from the web, free of charge. To download the the spreadsheet, click this link (Open office spreadsheet). To investigate all of Open Office, click this link (Open Office).


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    Last updated: 10 January 2018