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    Both Atlases have now been published:

    N Wales Atlas cover UK Atlas 2007-11


    Have a look at the results of all the BTO national Atlases: Mapstore

    To organise the fieldwork for these atlases the following geographical arrangements were in place:

    For the western squares the contact was Mel ab Owain - for the eastern squares the contact was Anne Brenchley (these are not the official BTO squares but will serve for first contacts).

    Mel ab Owain Anne Brenchley
    10 km squares 10 km squares
      SH88 SH98 SJ08 SJ18      
    SH77 SH87 SH97 SJ07 SJ17      
    SH76 SH86 SH96 SJ06 SJ16 SJ26 SJ36  
    SH75 SH85 SH95 SJ05 SJ15 SJ25 SJ35  
      SH84   SJ04 SJ14 SJ24 SJ34 SJ44
          SJ03 SJ13 SJ23    

    Within each 10 km square there are 25 tetrads as shown below:

    E J P U Z
    D I N T Y
    C H M S X
    B G L R W
    A F K Q V

    The map, below, shows the tetrad SJ26N, which means that its western boundary is the easting 24 and the bottom boundary is northng 66 within the 100 km square SJ, so the tetrad includes the 1 km squares: SJ2466, SJ2467, SJ2566 and SJ2567.

    Map of SJ26N

    The CBRG welcomes receiving breeding season records with breeding codes, as used in the Atlas fieldwork, and listed below:

    Possible breeder

    H - Observed in suitable Habitat

    S - Singing male

    Probable breeder

    P- Pair in suitable nesting habitat

    T - Permanent Territory (defended for at least one week)

    D - Courtship and Display

    N - Visiting a probable Nest site

    A - Agitated behaviour

    I - Brood patch of Incubating bird (from bird in the hand)

    B - Nest Building or excavating a nest hole

    Confirmed breeder

    DD - Distraction Display or injury feigning

    UN - Used Nest or eggshells found from this season

    FL- Recently FLedged young or downy young

    ON - Adults entering or leaving nest site in circumstances indicating Occupied Nest

    FF- Adult carrying Faecal sac or Food for young

    NE - Nest containing Eggs

    NY - Nest with Young seen or heard


    Please enter these codes in the 'Activity' column in the spreadsheet or the relevant extra details form in BirdTrack.


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    Last updated: 15 October 2018